A measurable improvement for every customer

We satisfy the water needs of our customers by working collaboratively to identify the most efficient and effective means to achieve world class, environmentally sound solutions to their problems.

The global imperative for the preservation of our water resources and the need to produce quality, potable-, process-, utility- and waste water can only be met with innovative, laboratory-researched and field-developed chemistries and engineering practices.

At Blue Reef we pride ourselves on the fact that our product technologies are uniquely developed for a changing water treatment environment.

Alongside our conventional liquid technologies, we also offer our unique range of dehydrated, powdered water treatment blends which allows for the safe transport of our products around the world and easy, safe handling at the point of use. So, if you’re looking for a fresh approach to water management in your company, contact Blue Reef today.

Water Pre-Treatment Systems Boilers Cooling systems Effluent + Process Water


Scale and corrosion inhibitors combined with micro-biocide and dispersant properties. Available in liquid and POWDER form depending on customer requirement. Formulations for low, medium and highly scaling waters providing maximum system protection and life extension at a fraction of the price.


Cleaners for critical heat exchangers, cooling and boiler systems. Alkaline, Acidic and Micro-biological purpose made cleaners for RO, UF and MF membranes. RO and Desal anti-scalents for on-line treatment.


For water treatment and process applications, available in liquid and POWDER form. A full range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing micro-biocides.

A totally unique and safe 3 PART Chlorine Dioxide (blend on site) programme.


A full range of liquid/solid separation products, specifically formulated to suit every application backed by technically sound laboratory screening procedures and reports. Products available in liquid and POWDER for dependant on system applications.

Innovation: It’s part of our DNA

Large enough to deliver. Small enough to care.

Innovation is everywhere at Blue Reef. For example, the chemical products which we have produced for the anti-scalent market are unique in every way. Our “HEXAMER” based products are formulated and manufactured employing processes previously never used in the manufacture of water treatment products.
Not only does this make the products far more stable than traditional inhibitors, but one is able to actually test for the active aspect in the product. This takes scale inhibition and scale removal to a new level in that chemical dosing rates can be calculated very accurately resulting in cost savings and increased efficacy.

A further innovation is that all of our products are available in liquid and dehydrated powder form. These dry products are unique. All that one has to do to produce a liquid version of the same product is to “JUST ADD WATER” and mix.

This makes for transportation of product over long distance/over border logistics extremely easy as packing for transportation is far easier and so much safer.

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