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Blue Reef Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 BBBEE supplier and a subsidiary of Deneb Investments Limited, an investment holding company with interests in property, manufacturing and branded product distribution.

Deneb employs over 3 500 people and is listed on the JSE. Deneb’s major shareholder is Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited (HCI), a black empowerment investment holding company which is listed in the financial sector on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa. HCI’s major shareholder is the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union.

The group is involved in a diverse group of investments including hotel and leisure, interactive gaming, media and broadcasting, transport, mining, and properties.

Put our technology to work in your business

GROW is our unique program designed to help customers achieve greater efficiencies than ever before. By applying a forward-thinking approach and customising our products where necessary, we continue to improve recycling volumes.
Globally, the world attempts to recycle solids by separating Paper, Plastic, Glass & Metal into separate containers for efficient handling, but when it comes to water we are still globally insistent on mixing it all together prior to possible treatment and discharge.
By separating our process and waste water streams into different zones we are able to separate “good” water from “bad” water and treat each stream based on its qualitative merits. However; when mixing it all together “good water + bad water = bad water”…… and then treatment becomes more difficult; more complex and increasingly expensive.

Generate water recycling opportunities for the future of mankind
Generate awareness around water savings and re-use intiatives
Generating discussion in relation to water re-use and water savings
Generating work and job opportunities in the water sector
Generate education and training programmes on water

Recycle existing water resources in the industrial and manufacturing sectors
Re-use existing grey and black water resources in the domestic sector
Research opportunities to use old and new technologies to save water
Repeat water education programmes
Re-visit old workings, designs and plans to save and re-use water

Opportunities – water recycling opportunities exist everywhere.
Organize – organize and separate water streams – let us look at possibilities for you.
Operate water re-use facilities intelligently – we teach these skills
Optimise water usage – We show you how

Water is and will always remain the original source of life
Water resources are under severe threat around the globe and serious intervention is needed to
avert international disaster.
We are in the forefront of water purification, savings and re-use initiatives
Welcome to our WaterWorld. We add value

Blue Reef Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd
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