BOS-L25HP Liquid


BOS-L25-HP is an ALL-IN-ONE boiler programme containing oxygen scavengers, internal treatments and condensate line corrosion inhibitors. It contains sulphite ions as well as a specialized alkaline reacted polymer containing a hexamer comprising of polyacrylic; polyorganophosphorous, polymaleic, polysulphonic and other polymeric sequestering and organic absorption agents. It is specifically designed for the control and systematic removal of hardness deposits, organic foulants and metallic contaminants in steam generation systems and process pipework and vessels. Dosage is directly proportional to specific contaminants and direct test methods are available for ideal control of the product.


:Dark Brown Liquid
Total Solids
pH neat soln. at 25°C
:12.5 – 13.5
Specific Gravity at 25°C
:1.18 – 1.23


BOS-L25-HP Polymer Residual Index is nominally controlled at between 250-350mg/l in the boiler circuit water. These dosages should be altered dependent upon feed water conditions; E.g. High Oxygen, High Hardness and/or Metallic Salts such as Fe; Cu etc. It is imperative that the oxygen scavenger level has a sulphite residual of 15-30mg/l as SO3--.

Therefore, dosage calculated as follows:

mg/l BOS-L25-HP to boiler feed water = 2.35[ (Total Hardness in Feed x 1.44) + (1.89 x
Fe in Feed) + (Residual Required/Effective Cycles of Concentration.)

There is a specific test method for the determination of the residual BOS-L25-HP. This is a titrimetric method and is immediately available.
BOS-L25-HP is also available as a spray dried powder – BOS-S50-HP.

Innovation: It’s part of our DNA

Large enough to deliver. Small enough to care.

Innovation is everywhere at Blue Reef. For example, the chemical products which we have produced for the anti-scalent market are unique in every way. Our “HEXAMER” based products are formulated and manufactured employing processes previously never used in the manufacture of water treatment products.
Not only does this make the products far more stable than traditional inhibitors, but one is able to actually test for the active aspect in the product. This takes scale inhibition and scale removal to a new level in that chemical dosing rates can be calculated very accurately resulting in cost savings and increased efficacy.

A further innovation is that all of our products are available in liquid and dehydrated powder form. These dry products are unique. All that one has to do to produce a liquid version of the same product is to “JUST ADD WATER” and mix.

This makes for transportation of product over long distance/over border logistics extremely easy as packing for transportation is far easier and so much safer.

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