BST-L50-C is a specialized alkaline food approved amine blend for use in steam generating systems to neutralize carbon dioxide and complex oxygen in the steam and condensate. It is available in a liquid and in a solid form BST-S100-C.


:Clear Water White Liquid
:Highly Ammoniacal
pH neat soln. at 25°C
:12.0 – 13.5
Specific Gravity at 25°C
:0.95 – 1.05


BST-L50-C is nominally dosed using the calculation 15/Total Alkalinity in the untreated condensate water. E.g. If untreated condensate has a total alkalinity of 7mg/l as CaCO3 the 15/7 = 2.14mg/l BST-L50-C dosage to feed water.

There is a specific test method for the determination of the residual BST-L50-C. This is a spectrophotometric method and is immediately available.
The specific active should be controlled at 0.2 – 0.5mg/l in the condensate water and so that
the pH of the condensate is >7.5 in most instances.


BST-L50-C can be stored for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture, in its original, sealed packaging, at room temperature in a dry area. This product can be safely stored in plastic type holding tanks designed to manage the specific gravity listed. BST-L50-C must be protected from heat, freezing and excessive aeration. Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn when handling BST-L50-C.

Innovation: It’s part of our DNA

Large enough to deliver. Small enough to care.

Innovation is everywhere at Blue Reef. For example, the chemical products which we have produced for the anti-scalent market are unique in every way. Our “HEXAMER” based products are formulated and manufactured employing processes previously never used in the manufacture of water treatment products.
Not only does this make the products far more stable than traditional inhibitors, but one is able to actually test for the active aspect in the product. This takes scale inhibition and scale removal to a new level in that chemical dosing rates can be calculated very accurately resulting in cost savings and increased efficacy.

A further innovation is that all of our products are available in liquid and dehydrated powder form. These dry products are unique. All that one has to do to produce a liquid version of the same product is to “JUST ADD WATER” and mix.

This makes for transportation of product over long distance/over border logistics extremely easy as packing for transportation is far easier and so much safer.